How to Ease the School Year Transition


The summer brings along many fun trips, new adventures, exciting summer camps and lasting memories. But it also changes our regular daily routines which can cause some stress. I’m sure many of you can relate when I say (with so much love in my heart for my 2 littles), that a part of me is happy and relieved the summer is almost over! As exciting and fun as the summer is, I welcome the routines that the school year brings. 

At school my children are introduced to amazing new experiences outside of our shared experiences. And with each passing August, I am able to let go a little easier as my children show their excitement for the school year to begin.
Below are a few things that have helped our family over the years transition back to the school year:

Get the logistical stuff done early
Are you going to be in your pediatrician’s neighborhood next week? Make sure your child’s immunizations and necessary paperwork is filled out while you’re there. School supplies? Avoid the crowds and order them online with plenty of time for shipping.

Make a home for regularly used items
Before the school year starts, make space for all their school needs. It can be as simple as a hamper to drop everything in by the door or as elaborate as an organizational system with cubbies and hooks. As long as the children know that once they get home from school there is a place to put their backpack, lunch box, shoes, homework, etc. it will help save your sanity. The same goes for evenings before going to bed. Can you designate a place where the next day's clothes can be laid out? Is there a bin/space where things for school the next morning can be placed? If everyone in the house knows where things belong, the day becomes a little less hectic.

All those receipts, catalogs, and summer plans on top of your desk….file it, recycle it, or throw them away. The school year brings tons of paperwork by itself. If you start of with a clean slate, it makes it a little easier to manage. Missed spring cleaning? Go through their closet/dresser now and take out anything that no longer fits or they refuse to wear. The less options there are, the easier picking out outfits will be.

Re-establish nighttime and morning routines
Resetting children’s sleeping patterns takes a few nights. If the summer brought later bedtime schedules, having them go to bed 10 minutes earlier everyday for a week can help with the process. On mornings leading up to school, re-create your ideal routine so you can see what's most stressful and what you might change. Leave the house at the same time as if you were dropping off and if possible visit the playground at the school. That way the first day of school won’t be your little one's first for everything.
But as with all things regarding children… we never know what is going to happen. We can have the best laid plans and they will find a way to throw us a curveball. The waffles that they’ve loved for the past 6 months are suddenly the most disgusting thing you’ve ever placed in front of them. We do the best we can, and everyday we try and try again.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and that your family had a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing you at Play Haven again soon!